Bijay Kumar Chakraborty

Bijay Kumar Chakraborty

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He is a rare exponent of five pristine forms of knowledge : Astrology, Numerology, Bhrigu Nadi,Loso  grid and Vastu. He comes from an enlightend traditional Renowned Priest Family of Midnapore,West Bengal.For long years he is not only showing the right path of life to the common people but also doing his endeavor to unmask, the pseudo astrologers in public. He passed all the academic tests with credit and has established himself as a peerless Astrologer and a master of Numerology,Bhrigu Nadi, Losogrid and Vastu scriptures.By making  flault-less predictions and he has earned people’s faith and affection in his greatness,not only in India but in the entire globe as well.

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